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Coffee made the Boho way!

Who We Are

We love our small town. We have a rare opportunity to personally touch the lives of the people who walk into the coffee shop, which is why we try our very best to make the shop a safe environment for people of all ages. Somewhere comfortable and dependable when you need a pick-me-up or just a place to visit with friends or family.

As a local, independent business, we are proud to be your neighbors, and we’re excited to give you your daily coffee fix.

What We Serve

Coffee made to order, with love, using quality ingredients and personalized recipes. We make orders that suit you and your caffeinated cravings.

Whether you’re starting the day, need an afternoon break, or just really need a cup of coffee, let us be your one stop shop for all your coffee desires.

Get in Touch

Boho Brew
401 Main Avenue — 719-765-4009 —

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